We have been on an INDEFINITE HUNGER STRIKE for our job, bread and honour from 9th of March 2017.

Who are we?

We, as academician Nuriye Gülmen and teacher Semih Özakça are two of the revolutionist democratic public workers from Turkey who were dismissed with the emergency decrees. Both of us also are the members of Education and Science Workers’ Union. We did not accept this unlawful, unjust dismissals and we started sit-down strike in Yuksel Street, Ankara; in front of the Human Rights’ Statue from 9th November, 2016. In time, our friends, who were also dismissed with Statutory Decrees came and joined us. Sociologist Veli Saçılık, teachers Acun Karadağ, Esra Özkan Özakça and Mehmet Dersulu also became a part of our resistance. Thousands of democratic citizens have been supportive for our resistance. Opposing voices around the world, international press have been tried to make our voices heard.

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